Auto-mobility is a comprehensive hub to driving in South Africa, for people with physical disabilities. This website is an essential tool for anyone who is starting to drive.

Auto-mobility addresses vital information to potential drivers with disabilities and offers information on a range of vehicle adaptations, giving solutions and opportunities to become mobile and independent. Vehicle facts are not easily available in any other publication, but Auto-mobility covers specific dimensions, features and benefits of selected vehicles.

“Auto-mobility is an unrivalled assistant for People with Disabilities, as well as the motoring community of South Africa.”


VW Trendline 2.0L TDI Kombi

VW Transporter 6.1 Crew Bus 4MOTION

Getting Started

Toyota Fortuner – Freedom of Mobility

VW Caddy Crew Bus. Designed with your life in mind.

Hyundai Tucson – making driving easy.

Need to know

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Get your rebate forms here

Get your rebate forms here

Wheelchair Parking

Wheelchair Parking

Driving after Spinal cord Injury

Driving after Spinal cord Injury
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For many years the government has allowed a rebate on Customs Import Duties on imported vehicles and Ad Valorem Excise…