Dimensions of Parking Bays

Dimensions of Parking Bays

For buildings providing facilities for the disabled or the site on which the building is located on, for parking of more than 50 motor vehicles the following apply:

  1. One parking space per 200 parking spaces or part thereof of the total number must be provided for disabled parking.
  2. The parking space width shall not be less than 3,5 metres, the length shall be approved and the parking bay shall be situated on a level surface.
  3. The parking space should be as close to the entrance as possible and the travel path should be accessible to the disabled person
  4. The parking space should be clearly demarcated for the use of disabled persons only.

(South African Bureau of Standards, 1990:155)

The parking provisions as set out also includes for a maximum distance from the entrance of 50m. It would be preferred to have any building providing an adequate number of parking spaces and not provide disabled parking in ratios to the parking provided generally.

Disabled parking

Parking Bay signage

(Source: Department of Public Works, 2001:11)