About Us

About Us

Auto-mobility is a comprehensive hub to driving in South Africa, for people with physical disabilities. This new website is an essential tool for anyone who is starting to drive.  Auto-mobility addresses vital information to potential drivers with disabilities and offers information on a range of vehicle adaptations, giving solutions and opportunities to become mobile and independent. Vehicle facts are not easily available in any other publication, but Auto-mobility covers specific dimensions, features and benefits of selected vehicles.

“Auto-mobility is an unrivalled assistant for People with Disabilities, as well as the motoring community of South Africa.”


VW Transporter 6.1 Crew Bus 4MOTION

Toyota Fortuner - Freedom of Mobility

VW Caddy Crew Bus. Designed with your life in mind.

Hyundai Tucson - making driving easy.

Hyundai i20

A note from the publisher…


The team from WFWM and Rolling Rehab has much pride launching this new interactive website. From a booklet into an app and now into a website we have taken the technology to new heights and with our very valuable stakeholders our advertisers, we can now offer a substantial sustainable site with content management and mobility solutions for our audience and with our audience as they share the video stories. We invite you to test, to participate and give feedback on what else you would like to see. This is just the starting point and work in progress. Keep your eye on the latest products vehicles and adaptations as the site grows and more dealerships get involved.
I thank my team for their vision dedication and commitment. After 12 years we believe we have something uniquely valuable.
To those of you getting your licences and driving again, tell us your experiences and share your stories with us on Facebook. Click here to go to our Facebook page!  

Content by Caroline Rule…

CarolineCaroline works as an occupational therapist and a driving consultant for People with Disabilities. She is the proud owner of Rolling Rehab through which she does driving assessments. After assessing the remaining functionality of an interested party and how best they can use it, she recommends driving adaptations that would enable them to be behind the steering wheel safely and independently, as well as how they will get their wheelchairs in and out of the car. She then refers them to the relevant companies that can build the adaptations and in an ongoing way; she works with these companies to brainstorm even more effective solutions.

Caroline believes that any person with mobility impairment becomes more employable by having a driver’s licence and ultimately owning a car. She also recognises and values the independence and freedom that driving gives to any person with a disability. This has led her to tackle some of the challenges faced by People with Disabilities who want to get their licence; these include the challenges provided by legislation, the lack of standards for hand controls and the lack of driving schools that can accommodate people with disabilities.

In partnership with Word for Word Media she has published seven issues of the Auto-mobility handbook since 2008. This interactive website is enabling her to take her work to a new level and to reach a greater number of people who are searching for information. The goal is to provide guidance to people with disabilities who are looking for ways of becoming independent through driving or as a passenger.