Wherever a wheelchair is going to be used inside a vehicle it is recommended that a suitable floor surface is used. Carpets provide a lot of resistance to the wheels and they quickly show wear and tear from the wheelchairs. The step well in larger vehicles may need to be filled in to prevent the possibility of the wheelchair wheel falling into the gap. [Photo step well covered] Wooden, aluminium or rubber floor linings can offer a good solution. Aluminium floors should preferably be black as they can result in a lot of reflection when the sun shines on them.

Floor cover 3

Shoprider and EZ Drive can offer a versatile floor system with multi-securement points, which enables a number of wheelchairs to be restrained in different positions in the vehicle. The modular Smartfloor available through Shoprider also has the option of clipping the seats into multiple positions in the vehicle.

Smartfloor 1 Smartfloor 2 Smartfloor 3

Smartflooor multipurpose