Left foot accelerator pedals

Where an individual is unable to use their right leg on the accelerator, they can have a left foot accelerator pedal fitted which enables them to use their left leg on the accelerator and brake. It is an important safety feature that the original right hand pedal cannot be activated while the left pedal is in use and visa versa. This can be done by either removing or covering the original pedal so that it cannot be activated by mistake. Only one pedal should be active at any one time.

When a vehicle is taken for a service or driven by an able body driver it is extremely important to either remove the left foot pedal or cover it so that the driver does not press it by mistake, thinking it is a clutch pedal.

When a driver has driven a manual car and they are used to using their left foot on the clutch, it usually requires a significant amount of practice to re-learn to drive with their left foot on the accelerator and brake. This is one of the most difficult conversions to adjust to.

The most common systems are:

  • Fitting a unit to the floor of the car with the left foot pedal and a cover over the original pedal. This whole unit can be quickly and easily removed when needed and the car can be driven as normal.


  • Adding a removable pedal to the left of the brake and covering the original accelerator pedal.
  • Adding a removable pedal to the left of the brake and removing the original pedal with a design that allows it to be easily replaced. This can only be done to vehicles that have a metal shaft for the accelerator.


  • A flip-up flip-down system adds quick and easy versatility making an active pedal available on either the left or right hand side. The opposite pedal automatically flips up out of the way so only one pedal can be active. This system can get in the way for people with very large feet.
Flip up flip down

Flip up flip down