The Transporter 6.1 Kombi as your helpful travel companion

The Transporter 6.1 Kombi as your helpful travel companion

October 3, 2022 Off By Word for Word Media

Whether you drive with a physical disability or you’re a caregiver looking for a disability-friendly vehicle, the Transporter 6.1 Kombi gives you all the confidence you might need, and so much more. Available with many conversion options to suit your specific needs, it’s no wonder the Transporter 6.1 Kombi is such a favourite for people with physical disabilities. From space to functionality, safety to control, the Transporter 6.1 Kombi easily makes independence and interdependence part of the journey ahead.

Space & Comfort

For big ventures and even bigger families, space is one of the most useful features of a vehicle, especially for passengers or drivers with physical disabilities.  The Transporter 6.1 Kombi has all of it and more. Let’s start with its standard side sliding entry. With this, boarding aids can be adapted, like ramps and lifts, creating an efficient space for entry. When inside, the Transporter 6.1 Kombi’s flexible seating can fit up to 8 passengers. It also has removable seats so that you can make space for a wheelchair to move about. With this, a typical seating reconfiguration can be made where the middle row of seats is removed so that you can manoeuvre your wheelchair from the passenger to the driver’s seat with ease. Additional features that make this vehicle ultra-spacious is its payload capacity of 1283 kg. Here, loading large, heavy items like scooters and wheelchairs is simple.

Aside from folding and removing your 8 seats into your desired positions, there are other small ways to create even more space. Like folding down the backrests to create larger seats, and double-folding the three-seater bench seat in the third row to increase the size of the luggage compartment. With all this space, nifty little details are integrated to make your drive feel more convenient, like lashing rings that keep your mobility aids anchored and LED lights to help you navigate them all.

Ergonomics & Functional Design

The functionality of the Transporter 6.1 Kombi’s 8 seats doesn’t just stop with their flexibility. The two front seats also feature an ergonomic design with four-way lumbar support, providing added comfort to your lower back. Here, the seats support the curvature of your spine, protecting your lower back from harm.

A flat floor running from the rear door all the way to the front gives wheelchair users the space to freely move about. The load area comes fitted with rubber floor coverings that creates the necessary traction required for wheelchair users to safely move about or remain in place if desired.

Control & Power

Be in control with the Transporter 6.1 Kombi’s electromechanical power steering wheel, which for instance, when driving with paraplegia, offers as much support as possible. This includes the height-adjustable steering column that can also be adjusted lengthwise for added comfort and driving pleasure. Or the power steering that makes for a light and easy-to-handle steering wheel, creating additional support that enhances limited muscle function when turning.

Hand controls can also be adapted to the vehicle, especially with the 7-speed automatic DSG gearbox model. And while turning the steering wheel with only one hand can make long drives tiring, the Transporter 6.1 Kombi features sophisticated driver assistance that alleviates any fatigue. This includes Cruise Control, which intelligently imitates the way you drive, continuing your journey at a safe and steady pace.

Safety & Technology

There are more safety features to give you peace of mind when transporting passengers with disabilities, caregivers, family, or when driving with a physical disability yourself. A Rear-view camera and Park Distance Control can get you out of tight spaces effortlessly, while Crosswind Assist keeps your car steady when sudden, strong winds interfere with your driving. There’s also Rest Assist that gives you added relief from long, tiring drives, Tyre Pressure Monitoring that monitors the condition of your tyres before they get you stuck on the road, or Post-collision Braking System that breaks automatically after a collision to prevent further impact.

These safety features are all operated from the Transporter 6.1 Kombi’s state-of-the-art infotainment radio-navigation system and its Digital Cockpit (optional and only available on the 146kW model), giving you a digital experience on a whole different level. Since the infotainment system can be controlled through the steering wheel, it allows drivers with physical disabilities the capacity to answer calls, play music, and access navigation without having to take your hand off the steering wheel. The Digital Cockpit can also be operated using the multi-function steering wheel or through touch via the infotainment system’s touchscreen. With a 10.25-inch display, it offers vivid colours and clear high-contrast, imagery, making your deck even more accessible to use.

Where to next?

Take on every drive with confidence and comfort in the Transporter 6.1 Kombi that’s already designed with you in mind. From its ergonomic interior to its smart driver assistance, mobility on open roads or in between heavy traffic just became a lot more accessible. And while not every journey looks the same, with the Transporter 6.1 Kombi as your helpful travel companion, they don’t have to.