Short stature

Short stature

September 27, 2022 Off By Word for Word Media

Persons of short stature have two challenges – seeing over the steering wheel and reaching the pedals. Short stature is often frequently combined with a lack of function in the limbs, particularly the lower limbs in which case the individual will need to use hand controls. The body parts are often not in proportion to the rest of their body, resulting in some people having normal length arms while others have long arms in relation to their body.

BH2Y8243Driving with hand controls can often provide the solution however this means that there will only be one arm on the steering wheel and if that arm is too short, then they will be unable to reach the full range that is required for steering. In some circumstances the foot can be used on the hand control in order to free up both arms for steering.

Pedal Extensions are also an option for people with short stature whose feet are unable to reach the pedals. They will often require a raised platform on which to rest their feet. Most of the conversion companies in South Africa are able to do this type of conversion.

There are various solutions which can be used to lift them higher in the vehicle in order to see over the steering wheel. A special seat can be fitted which lifts them and gives additional support according to their body shape and size. Cushions can be used as a temporary solution, but a booster seat or specially designed cushion is a more permanent and stable solution.