Wheelchair Parking

Wheelchair parking is a constant battle in SA due to the lack of respect from the general population (and our police services) for the reasons for these bays. However there is also no consistent registration system and each municipality throughout the country has their own registration system. This also means that a wheelchair parking disk issued in one municipality is not necessarily recognised in another municipality, thus creating a major headache for anyone with a disability who travels!Police in parking bay

Regulation 305 of the Road Traffic Acts states that:

“No person other than a disabled person or a driver of a motor vehicle conveying disabled persons, which motor vehicle is issued with a sticker for conveying disabled persons, shall park in a parking bay reserved for disabled persons.”

 The current procedure is that any person with a disability must go to their local police station or licensing department and hand in a doctor’s letter stating that they have a disability, and once they have completed the relevant documents they will be issued with a parking disc. Certain local authorities require the doctor to complete a section of the form, so the form needs to be collected beforehand. Please contact your local traffic department to confirm whether you require a doctor’s letter or a form.

To apply for the disc, you need to submit the completed form along with:

  • Your identity document (ID)
  • the doctor’s letter
  • two ID photographs
  • the prescribed fee

QASA 0860 ROLLING / 0860 7655464 / info@qasa.co.za and APD 011 6468331 / info@apdjhb.co.za are able to advise and assist people with getting parking discs.Wheelchairs parking

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