Docking stations

When a person is driving from their wheelchair, it is particularly important that the wheelchair is properly secured.

Docking station 2941A docking station is a quick release securement system which holds the wheelchair in position while driving in conjunction with the standard seat belt. It is a great solution for wheelchair drivers and passengers who want the independence of quickly securing their own wheelchair using a single point system. A base lock is fitted to the floor of the vehicles, and a heavy duty docking pin is fitted to the bottom of the wheelchair, which slots into the lock. The automatic locking mechanism simply requires that you guide your wheelchair over the top of the lock until the interface on your wheelchair is fully engaged into the docking station. Once you have reached your destination, release the wheelchair from the station with the touch of a conveniently located push-button switch. All imported docking stations have been crash tested.



The QLK-100 docking system from Q’Straint (available from Shoprider) is based on the proven design of truck and trailer hitches. It has multiple release points, including the standard dash control, manual release on base, or an optional Remote Manual Release (in event of power failure). It also has audible and visual Indicators to advise when the passenger is secure.

IMG_2525The Drive Loc from Auto Adapt, (available from Shoprider and Leda Medical) is designed to lock the CARONY power wheelchair to the vehicle floor. The CAROSAFE is a universal electrical wheelchair lock which is easily adapted for the specific wheelchair. If the wheelchair lacks suitable attachment points, then these must be fitted to the wheelchair.   It has two wheel stoppers which secure the front wheels, as well as the locking mechanising. It does not require the docking pin that is used on the other docking stations.

Easy Drive Western Cape produces the only locally made system. This is a lot more affordable than the other systems, but it has not been crash tested.

Easy Drive