Clutch conversions

The Guidosimplex system is the only system designed to be used in conjunction hand controls, to convert a manual car. It is supplied by Easy Drive WC (0824524639), and EZ Drive (0713629350), and converts a manual gear change to semi-automatic. They have two options available, either the infrared sensor on the gear lever that automatically depresses the clutch when the hand is placed on the gear lever to change gears, or the ‘Duck clutch’ which has a small lever fitted to the gear lever which provides fingertip control of the clutch.


Chairman Industries (011 6241222) fit a lever next to the gear lever, which mechanically pushes the clutch in and out. It can be clipped into a holder to hold the clutch in to free up the hand to change gears. It then needs to be released again to let the clutch out. This system is only designed to be used by people who are unable to use their left leg on the clutch.


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